Antique Ceramics from Puglia southern Italy



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Passata Bowls

Antique Passata Bowls from Puglia, southern Italy.
These rustic handmade bowls have a cream glaze on the interior, with a wonderful ‘splatter’ pattern of greens or turquoise. The outside of the bowl is unglazed terracotta.
Each bowl is unique and has its own charm and character. These traditional bowls make a great statement piece in any room
Sizes range from 30cm to 65cm diameter.

Antique 19th century Passata Bowl 207001

Confit Pots

Antique Confit Pots (also known as anchovy pots) from Puglia, southern Italy. Also known as Anchovy Pots.
These rustic handmade terracotta pots with a butter-cream glaze were once used to preserve food.
Each pot is unique and varies in size from 15cm high up to 40cm.
Ideal for plants, kitchen utensils, or just to enjoy them as they are.


Plates Platters & Bowls

Antique Fiore (flower) Plates and Platters from Puglia, southern Italy.
These rustic hand painted terracotta plates and platters have a simple blue floral design around the edge, characteristic of this region.
The platters make a great centre piece on a table for fruit or just for display. Sizes range from 23cm for the small plates and up to 42cm for the platters.


Jugs Jars & Vases

Wide selection of Antique 19th century Jugs, Jars and Vases from Puglia, southern Italy.
These terracotta antiques vary in shape, size, and style. They make great statement pieces anywhere in the home.


Decorative Antiques

A varied selection of rustic country style antiques from Puglia, southern Italy.

Each handmade by local potters, every piece with its own history to tell.

Our stock constantly changes and recently included:

Pasta Colapasta – Terracotta glazed colander for straining pasta.

Vaso da notte – Hand painted terracotta ‘potty’.

Igloo – Unusual terracotta igloos used in buildings.


Italian Antique Ceramics

Puglia or Apulia is the southernmost region of Italy, steeped in history from the ancient Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. Many more have all followed one another to ruling Puglia and have all left their historical mark on the region. Puglia the heel of Italy’s “boot”, known for its hilltop towns, centuries old farmland, and hundreds of kilometres of sun-washed coastline.
Handmade ceramic and terracotta pots have been produced since ancient times thanks to the rich red clay of the region. Terracotta is a simple type of ceramic made of porous clay fired at high temperatures making the finished product much harder to break.
One of the giants of pots is the Capasoni, they are large containers used in place of barrels to store wine. The largest of these stand up to 1.5m tall and holding over 200L.
Passata bowls have a stunning green and cream glaze on the inside once used to make passata sauce by leaving them in the sun full of tomatoes.
Grottaglie the "city of many caves", stands on a hill a few kilometres from Taranto is world-famous as the capital of ceramic pottery in Puglia.


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