Antique Italian Chiminea - Large

Antique Italian Chiminea - Large

Antique 19th Century Italian Chiminea or sometimes called Top Hats are from the Puglia region of southern Italy. These rustic handmade ceramic chiminea pots with handles (ears) with a flat top have a unique cream glaze inside and externally. Approximately 30cm to 35cm high
  • Size

    Approximately 30cm to 35cm high

  • Note

    Dimensions approximate
  • Condition

    These are handmade antique ceramics that were once used in the home and are absolutely imperfect so please expect imperfect condition with some cracks and chips that you would expect from an item of its age and previous domestic use. These were never created as fine pottery pieces; they were handcrafted in local village potteries and were often used for generations. Please note that the colours displayed on a PC screen may not be 100% representative of the actual items colour.
  • More Information

    If you would like more information on this item please email us we would be happy to help

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