Antique Anchovy (Confit) Pots from Puglia southern Italy. These rustic handmade ceramic pots with handles (ears) have a unique glaze and were originally used for preserving foods such as anchovies, sardines & olives in olive oil. Small - approximately 15cm to 20cm high Medium - approximately 21cm to 28cm high Large - approximately 28cm to 40cm high Ideal for plants, kitchen utensils, wine coolers or just to enjoy them as they are. As each item is completely unique, the image is a representation of our current stock and yours may not look exactly like this image. If you would like to see a photo before we ship please let us know. Some pots have been drilled in the bottom ready for drainage. If you would rather not have drainage holes please state when ordering.

Antique Italian Anchovy Pot - Medium

SKU: 1004
  • Medium - approximately 21cm to 28cm high