Antique Italian Passata Bowls

Passata bowls also called Limmi come from Puglia southern Italy.
These rustic handmade terracotta bowls have a cream glaze on the interior, with a wonderful ‘splatter’ pattern of greens or turquoise. The outside of the bowl is unglazed plain terracotta.
Each bowl is unique and has its own charm and character. These traditional bowls vary in size from 35cm to 65cm diameter and make a great statement piece in any room.
Bowls with a strong metallic macato green were made in the northern region of Bari more precisely Terlizzi area and also Sicily with red clay. Bowls from Sicily often have a more worn glaze as they were used to wash fish in salt water which corroded the glaze. Bowls with a lighter green and less dense colours were fired in grates with white clay.
Whilst known as Passata Bowls as they were used to make tomato paste or washing olives, were often used to wash clothes in hospital with disinfectant before washing machines were invented.


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